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365 things to do in Oklahoma City

Created and maintained by the editors of OKC.NET.

No one will like 100% of what we post. Some of you will like 0% of what we post. These are suggestions and opinions, not binding arbitration.

What else should you know about this page?

We sometimes post about politics or take a tone of advocacy because laws and regulations most definitely effect our way of life.

For example, that arts funding you may not think is important can impact whether or not you see arts, music, and cultural festivals in your area blossom. That in turn effects what there is to do and how affordable it is to attend.

We also post a selection of stories on occasion just to keep boredom at bay by taking on local or mainstream cultural points of interest. This can encompass book reviews, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, and every so often even travel reviews.

Sometimes you just want to get out of the city, here at OKC.NET we certainly have our moments when we need a little day trip or vacation to liven things up.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you'll find something that catches your interest.

Event coverage and posts:

Hey peeps. We post a variety of things that come from multiple sources.

All said, the best way to send us info about your event, whether it's something we naturally gravitate to or not, is through our page's Facebook e-mail.

Do realize that if we are posting about your event for free, we'll probably do it a couple times, maybe a handful if we like it a lot, like Open Streets OKC.

Here's what we require as far as basic information goes:

1. A link to the website, if there is one, if not see #2.

2. A flyer or other social-media appropriate graphic. If you wouldn't post it on a community board at a coffee shop or some other public space, then it's probably not kosher for us. We're not prudes, but ya know, TOS and abiding by that.

3. A detailed description of the event that clearly outlines: price, dates, and generally stuff people would want to know about why they should be interested in this totally awesome thing you're hosting or organizing.

4. A contact (phone, e-mail, social media) for people curious about the event to contact.

5. If you have a FB group or FB event link, that too.

Bonus: Do you want your event to get posted with enough time for people to see it? Submit your info in this basic format. And try to get to us a week ahead of time.

Basic format






Link that people can hit up for info, like who to contact if interested, or an event link they can add to their FB calendars.

Final thoughts:

So far most people have been polite and sent in what we've asked. And that's cool. So let's keep up the positive engagements. Most of what we post hasn't been sponsored, but if you want to do ads, hit us up.

If money hasn't been rolling in this month for us, the worst thing you can do is give us a hard time about not sending someone out to your specific event to cover it even if you offer "press passes," please realize that our writers and photographers have to pay for gas, babysitters, and all that jazz. If we can't pay them to write something, then we can't send them to your totally free to get-into-thing unless they just happen to want to do it for free.

If you would like to see more coverage of OKC events and you're someone who reads us regularly, consider donating:


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We're the editors of OKC.NET; we are not associated with the city in any way. We have OPINIONS! See "long description" on how to submit an event.

One fun thing to do in OKC. Every day. All year.

I don't have time to police and/or censor you guys, so please abide by my one rule: be nice to each other. That's what we're good at around here, right?

Beating back boredom with a stick!

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